Liwa Primary School

Nyanga & Gugulethu Township – Cape Town South Africa

In February 2004 a unique cricket match was held in Nyanga - Gugulethu Township near Cape Town in South Africa between Nyanga Cricket Club and The VCC cricket club from London.

Organized by the ex-Sussex and England professional cricket player Paul Phillipson the VCC team visited Liwa Primary School within the township. As a result of a memorable day we decided to try and do what we could to support the children and staff of the school.

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Since 2004 Townshiphelp have provided regular donations to the school to enable feeding programs to progress, clothing and education development. Over 1m Rand has so far been raised and invested in the school which is now a shining example as to how both private and local support from public institutions can work together to develop projects of this type.

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Liwa Primary School is an oasis of hope within an environment of considerable deprivation. Approximately 400 School children of the age range from four to twelve years, who can walk up to four miles a day in adverse conditions from their shanty style homes, are now able to benefit from the project on a daily basis.

More information can be seen by directly viewing the website link below that we have had constructed on behalf of the school: