24 April 2015 New school teacher’s appointment at Liwa Primary School

Townshiphelp were able to offer further substantial donations to Liwa Primary School for the services of Andrew Gumindoga who’s services had been in danger of being terminated despite financial aid from the school parents within the township.

Andrew has been of huge benefit to the schoolchildren and is very popular. It is our hope that with this new donation made the school can continue to retain his valuable services.

17 April 2015 Liwa Primary School launches weekly Newsletter

Liwa Primary School is now providing weekly newsletters with stories from the school children and local community information. The aim is to motivate the staff and schoolchildren to develop their reporting skills and learn how to provide information about their township and working environment.

The first two editions are below.

22 November 2012 Maria & Jonty visit the Crèche project “Understand Hope and Care”

A visit to the Crèche took place in Nov 2012. The new facilities were wonderful with the children very well housed and supported. Additional clothes were donated with Maria in assistance. (A rare shot of Jonty carrying boxes !).

20 November 2012 Maria & Jonty return to visit The Liwa primary School project in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

Maria & Jonty took a day out of their travels to visit the Liwa Primary School project. Maria’s Ipad created great excitement amongst the children. The vegetable garden continues to grow. School classrooms at work and despite ongoing difficulties with the computer lab due to technical issues and some local theft the children have all the required basics - Food, clothes and school books with quality and enthusiastic education offered by the teachers. Every child treasures a pencil or pen. But the hit of the day was the 100’s of Ozone Toothbrushes brought from London and issued to the lucky children whom had performed well in class. Amazingly many of the children appear to have wonderful teeth but new toothbrushes were keenly welcomed.

5th August 2012 Goodrich CC v The VCC cricket match

Jonty at last meets Sam Griffiths, fixture secretary of The Goodrich Cricket Club in the UK. This match was arranged as a result of Sam’s visit to Liwa Primary School in Gugulethu, Cape Town in February 2010 to volunteer to help in the school for several weeks during a gap year in his studies.. We owe our thanks to him for all the help he provided to the children and staff during his work at Liwa.

“Dear Jonty and Maria … thank you once again for the opportunity and the experience. It was truly the best one of my life … Best regards Sam”

22nd July 2009, 3-4pm Antony Gormley's One & Other Fourth Plinth

Lord Nelson and Martin Stockman help support Townshiphelp at Trafalgar Square in London

Martin Stockman from The VCC Cricket Club in London ( took part in the famous UK Sculptor Antony Gormley’s “One & Other” living monument on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

This space is normally reserved for statues of Kings and Generals, in an image of themselves. Whilst Martin recited a repertoire of his poetry written over many years he also highlighted the involvement of The VCC Cricket Club and the support it offers towards Townshiphelp (

Dressed in striking VCC Blazer and perched some 60ft up on the plinth, friends and crowds assembled to listen for an hour of prose & poetry between 3pm to 4pm. A special poem was written titled “GU GU” by Tim Graham in connection specifically with one of the ongoing projects at Liwa Primary School in Gugulethu & Nyanga Township near Cape Town (

STOP PRESS SA NEWS - Liwa Primary School

One of the oldest schools in the Nyanga area, Liwa Primary serves a previously disadvantaged community with a very high rate of unemployment. Established in 1959, Liwa Primary started with the name Emthonjeni Primary. A staff of eight taught 50 learners each in the morning session and 50 learners each in the afternoon session.

Through collaboration with private donators Jonathan “Jonty” and Maria Savitt from London and the Khanya Project, the school was able to introduce technology to their learners. Their original 10 PC’s donated in 2004 gave Liwa Primary a taste of technology but they quickly realized that if the technology was to have a genuine impact on their learners and their community, they would have to establish a full laboratory for curriculum delivery.

Work on this laboratory is now well under way and the educators keenly anticipate the start of their training in both general computer literacy and in the appropriate educational software. Many of them have had little to no exposure to technology yet, but they believe that it will relieve some of their work load as they become skilled to use it for administrative duties. Most importantly, however, educators believe that it will have a huge impact in the classroom where their learners will develop skills that will empower them to compete with their peers from more advantaged schools on a level footing.

Learners at Liwa Primary have watched as neighbouring schools have developed similar facilities, little hoping that they too could have access to this kind of technology. With the infrastructure now complete the students (learners) are able reap the rewards of patience as they stand on the threshold of the world of information accessed through Information and Communications Technology.

School Details: (as at 2008-03-07)
Question Answer
Area: Cape Town
Language: Xhosa
Project Stage: Curriculum delivery
Number of PCs: 41
Educators: 15
Learners: 522
Learner/PC Ratio: 13:1
Facilitator: EduNova/C Ahrends